How to Give Your Own Designed Face Mask a Pop of Color

Who would have thought that the most popular accessory of the year would be a face mask? Everywhere you go, you’ll find plain blue-and-white face masks covering everyone’s mouth. But just because masks have their standard color doesn’t mean that you can’t stand out. Here are a few tips on how you can add a pop of color to your mask.

6 Tips to Make Your Mask Stand Out

1. Use a mask with patterns.

If you’re too lazy to design your own mask, you can use a mask that already has a design on it. The easiest way is to find a mask that has patterns that match your personality. Fortunately, masks now come in different patterns, colors, and designs. You can simply just look for one that you like.

2. Convert your scarf into a mask

Ever watched those DIY face masks at home using a large scarf or bandana? That’s what you’ll be doing if you have a scarf whose prints are your favorite. There are many ways to turn a scarf into a mask but there are two ways that are the simplest of all.

The first method doesn’t need anything but the scarf itself. All you have to do is wrap it over your neck making sure that both lengths of each end are equal. The part of the scarf that is currently covering the front of your neck should be pulled up to cover your nose. You’ll notice that the fabric on your chin is loose. To tighten it up, just pull the two ends until it fits your face perfectly.

The second method is by adding three hair ties. First, fold the scarf on one end so that it resembles a rectangle. Keep folding it like this until you reach the opposite end. Put one hair tie on each end of the scarf. Place them 4-6 inches from the edges. Put the scarf around your neck. With the third hair tie, loop it through the ends just below the two hair ties. When that’s secure, twist it back so that the end of the scarf is at the back of your head. Then use the two hair ties and place them behind your ears. Adjust the scarf so it fits you best.

3. Say it with a statement.

Statements are coming back, but this time, they’re not only found on shirts. They’re also found on face masks! Come up with witty statements so that people reading them can also have a laugh with you. In fact, you can be creative with these statements by using puns about wearing masks or about using quotes that you believe. You can also just put on a statement that reminds people of social distancing.

4. Get it screen-printed.

Printscreen is one of the methods of printing on fabrics, a great way to design your own mask. There are other methods, but PrintScreen is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to print your designs. If you have your own design, a great products promotional company can help you translate that to a print on your mask. They also have masks that you can choose from depending on the style that you want. For PrintScreen, it’s always better to have a professional do it for you so that your design doesn’t bleed into the fabric.

5. Put on a smile.

No, you won’t be putting down your mask just so people can see that you’re smiling. Instead, you can print your smile on your mask. This sounds absurd at first, but it makes sense when you know someone who prints realistic smiles on face masks. You don’t even have to have your smile copied; there are lots of other smiles that can be printed from stock photos.

6. Add some glitter.

Ever found someone who has glitters on their face mask? You probably haven’t yet. That means that you can always go this route and design your mask with some glitter. This is perfect if you plan no wearing your mask for a night even or for a date. That way, your mask literally shines and grabs attention.

There are many ways to make your mask stand out. However, keep in mind that your design should never compromise your mask’s ability to keep you protected.

What Is a Compound Miter Saw?

A Miter saw is a special type of saw with a blade that is connected to an arm that can pivot either to the left or right. This is what makes it possible for the saw to cut wood at a variety of angles says Miter Saw Buzz.

There are different variations of the miter saw. These include the compound miter saw, dual compound miter saw and the sliding compound meter saw.

Compound Miter Saw

This type of saw comes with a blade that can be pivoted to the right or left to create angled cuts. You can also tilt the blade to make beveled cuts. When you use the saw while making adjustments to both axes, you get what is known as a compound miter cut.

This type of saw is ideal when cutting picture frames, as well as when there is need to cut two planes at the same time.

Dual Compound Miter Saw

This type of saw functions in the same way as the compound miter saw. However, while the compound saw can only tilt its blade in one direction, the dual compound miter saw can do so in both the right and left. This means that you can make a beveled cut at any angle.

Sliding Compound Miter Saw

This is another version of the compound miter saw. While it does come with all the features that you would expect in a miter saw, you also get a sliding rail. This greatly increases the distance of cut which allows you to efficiently cut larger pieces of wood.

The miter saw comes with a few features such as:

  • Size of the blade. This could be anywhere from 8 to 12 inches in diameter. The larger the diameter of the blade, the longer the cut that it is capable of.
  • Articulated blade guards. This helps to ensure that the guard is well clear of the stock. Providing you with a clear view of the cutting line. When you lift up the saw, the guard, in turn, goes down to cover the blade.
  • Electric brakes. Works to reverse the electric charge in the motor in case you let go of the trigger. This causes the rotating blade to stop almost instantly.
  • Extensions. These allow you to connect the saw to the sides of the table which helps to provide the user with a more precise cut.

5 Symptoms to Know If You Are Pregnant

When Can You Find Out You Are Pregnant?

Here Are Some Common Signs

Finding the answer to the question “am I pregnant?” can be pretty much straightforward or complicated depending on the extent of the pregnancy and how well you are aware of your body. A majority of ladies can tell whether they are pregnant in just two or three weeks of conceiving, others will know sooner, probably in a few days whereas others will take even a month to know. Sometimes a woman may miss the signs and have a natural abortion or miscarriage. It mostly depends on one’s ability to identify the changes occurring in their body and how sensitive they are to them. The only surefire way to find out you are pregnant is by taking a pregnancy test. However, taking it too early could result in inaccurate results so your timing must be right.

If you are wondering how you can find out whether you are pregnant, here are some early signs you should look out for.

1. Extreme Tiredness
2. Nauseating or Feeling SickIf you are trying to establish whether the feeling of extreme tiredness is among the early symptoms of pregnancy, then you should know the kind of fatigue you would feel four to six weeks from conception is different from what you’d feel if you were not pregnant. If you are pregnant, you will often feel exhausted and you’ll more than likely fall asleep on your couch and will be craving afternoon naps and early nights for no reason.

Nauseating is often one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. And the way to tell whether you’re nauseating because of pregnancy or an ailment is that your nausea will often last up to a day and tends to worsen as the pregnancy period increases. In your early pregnancy weeks, you will just feel a little sick, but it will later progress to vomiting.

3. A Metallic Taste In Your Mouth

Another telltale sign that you are pregnant is experiencing the constant feeling of a metallic taste in the mouth. While this sign is tough to describe, it often feels as if you’ve been sucking a piece of metal all day. This is a pregnancy symptom that’s usually very common and cannot be mistaken for something else.

4. Disliking Some Drinks or Foods

Do you all of a sudden find yourself disliking the taste of drinks or foods you loved previously? Does the taste or smell of these foods make you nauseated? If you have such a feeling, then you should know that you are pregnant. The most common culprits, in this case, are usually alcohol, coffee, and tea.

5. A Heightened Sense of Smell

Closely related to the symptom mentioned above (smell and taste are closely linked), heightened sense of smell is yet another popular pregnancy sign. If you realize that you suddenly feel nauseous from smells like perfumes, cooking or soap, which you were already used to, the chances are that you are pregnant. This is actually an early pregnancy sign you should always watch out for.


It is important to note that some of these pregnancy symptoms above are difficult to quantify so be sure to check with your doctor when something feels different.

Growing Spring Flowers

What’s Truly Happening with Gardening

Since you may see, hydroponic gardening is surprisingly straightforward. Classic gardening may require a little less research, but the outcomes aren’t as strong. Raised bed gardening also means less likelihood of weeds since you’re able to put barriers between the base of the the floor and the dirt set on top for planting.

The Fight Against Gardening

Your garden can be as large or little as you want it, take into consideration the time that it will take for you to keep up with it, therefore it thrives. You might want to just rearrange your garden and adjust the layout to fit your personal taste, this could be because of moving home and you can click here to find out. Other portions of the garden maybe will need to get dug out and addressed. An indoor garden takes a little more care than other gardens. In the modern age of immediate everything, an indoor herb container garden sometimes becomes a necessity and the very good news is the fact that it is in fact quite simple to have one.

In the photo above you can see just how a vertical garden has to be built. Your succulent garden is currently finished! The secret to growing an amazing shade garden is to search for plants adapted for shade, plants that want, need and thrive in shade, then give them the environment they will need to keep healthy.

Type of Gardening

If you are beginning your garden from scratch like I did you are going to have the freedom to arrange all facets of the plan. Another beneficial approach to mulch your garden is with what’s referred to as a living mulch. Most shade gardens are under trees.

The Ultimate Gardening Trick

Fertilizing your plants once every couple of days you’re going to be in a position to fertilize your plants. If you would like to grow plants within this window, you will probably require artificial lighting. It is possible to get all types of plants and trees around your Sim planet, even in your backyard. Take note that a few of the plants or trees might need increased gardening amounts for you to be in a position to plant them.

Since it’s a fixed sign, it’s well employed for plants which will need to be hardy, such as root crops, and leafy vegetables like lettuce and cabbage. As a consequence, the plants die off speedily. One of the numerous flowering plants which ought to be considered is the bridal wreath, also referred to as Spirea.

Life After Gardening

If you wish to grow your plants inside, you’ll need garden pots. It’s important to understand that the plant can regrow from a bit of root or stem. Since perennial plants will continue to grow every year, selecting the right plants for the shade garden is indispensable.

All About Gardening

Check the developing requirement of the herb you’ve chosen to plant and make sure you can satisfy the conditions they should grow and thrive. It’s best not to set the plant back into precisely the same soil. When you choose to care about plants that offers you the chance to work to your whole family. You must think of growing plants and flowers vertically in case you own a balcony garden or a little patio or rooftop garden.

Kids Exposed

It is possible to find the one which features your child’s favorite character, there are a couple of unique versions. In regards to colors, consider going with something your children approve of. In addition, it comes in a number of colors, which some kids picnic tables don’t.

You can’t tell a kid to visit Wikipedia and learn about plastics for example. Kids can be extremely rough on the products which they use, so it’s essential to acquire toddler backpacks that may withstand a decent quantity of abuse. There are rather few kids which do not adore the movie Cars. Children will need to read eight books and they receive a complimentary book after completing the form. So as to help your son or daughter pick out the ideal toddler backpacks, there are a couple shopping guidelines which can help to make certain that you receive the correct product. Like the baseball theme, parents can decide to concentrate on a solitary team or the sport generally. Many parents utilize the nursery to show the family loyalty to their favorite sports team.

There are tons of things online today that kids should not see. Before picking the wall, it is a good idea to devote some time inside the room at various times of the day. One of many things at the very top of your list is most likely getting the infant’s room prepared.

The Discovery Kids site provides a wonderful variety of games. There are a number of different sites with games suited to kids of various ages. Shopping online is a superb alternative that may also help save you expand across the time, but it doesn’t always allow you to know what sort of fit the backpack will be. Shopping in the contentment of of your house can be your very best option when buying bed sets. The store can also counsel you on the sort of things you would require to produce your youngster’s room special. Possessing a theme for your child’s room also makes it simpler for individuals to get the baby gifts.

Fortunately, several types of kids picnic tables arrive in a number of colors. The kids picnic table you wind up getting depends not merely on the number of children you’ve got, but additionally on their personalities in addition to the intended use of the table. You can do so lots of things on your bean bag chairs which you will not be able do on your sofa or house office chair. Kids furniture is something which a lot of people spend plenty of time thinking about and plenty of money to buy. If outdoor kids furniture is what you’re searching for, there’s plenty to pick from in that category too.

Look a bit harder for some distinctive train themed nursery items. Designing a gender-neutral nursery isn’t always simply. Given its popularity, it isn’t difficult to find a number of items to create an outstanding construction themed nursery. Bright nursery bedding may be a challenging consideration to find as most bedding appears to be pastel hues.