Best Upcoming Cannabis Seed Banks Out There

So you are finally over the myth that cannabis is a drug and most likely now you know its healing properties such as recovery from arthritis, cancer, and all the other bad stuff.

Bellow is a list of top cannabis Seed banks followed by new names in the market to watch out for, who knows, maybe you can even buy stocks and get rich from their fame? so Let’s get started.


Best Upcoming Cannabis Seed Bank in 2018?

Garden of Green Cannabis Seed Bank is our choice, why you might ask?

This cannabis seed bank was founded in late 1990’s and is a coop between leading Spanish, Canadian and USA breeders.

In 2014 Garden of Green won the cannabis cup for one of its strains – Kush Mass.

Experts and the audience at the cannabis cup loved it so much that it made into top 3. Prices are unbeatable and delivery times are quick. Cannabis seeds from this seed bank are resold on reputable websites such as amnesia, gorilla seed bank and more.


All-time Best Cannabis Seed Bank?

Dutch Passion Seed Bank was founded in 1987, but they began their work in 1970’s, holy smokes, that a long time ago. Since then this company has achieved massive success and has established itself as a leader in marijuana market. Dutch Passion is worlds oldest seed bank, as it states on their website. This amazing company collects and breeds their own cannabis genetics from zero. We also analyzed the back end of their website which gets 750 thousand people per month on average, how crazy is that? this alone tells us that dutch passion is a massive online cannabis seed bank. Dutch Passion is pioneers at innovation because they invented feminized cannabis in 1990, which means you no longer need to guess and take males apart from female cannabis plants and risk your harvest to be polluted or destroyed. Millions of customers are very happy with this company’s genetics and auto-flowering seeds are one of its kinds.